Recruitment position: budgeter recruitment number: 2 Location: Shenzhen, Guangdong
Salary level: 6-10k / month education requirements: college degree or above experience requirements:
Age requirements: 25-40 years old gender requirements: male and female unlimited language requirements:
Job responsibilities:
1. Conduct accounting and comparison according to bidding documents, construction drawings, on-site investigation and bidding Q & A, and be able to complete the preparation of commercial bid independently;
2. Prepare bidding documents and bill of quantities, and prepare construction drawing budget according to relevant pricing principles;
3. Review the construction drawings, participate in the joint review of drawings and technical disclosure, and adjust the budget according to its records;
4. Participate in contract negotiation, review the changed part of the bill of quantities of the contract and negotiate with Party A and the consulting company;
5. Complete other tasks assigned by the boss.
Job requirements:
1. College degree or above, major in engineering cost and architectural decoration;
2. At least 2 years working experience in indoor batch fine decoration budget, familiar with national laws and regulations and relevant regulations on project cost;
3. Familiar with decoration project bidding procedures, engineering drawings, decoration cost, Guangdong quota and Shenzhen quota;
4. Proficient in the list preparation, quantity calculation and quota set price of interior decoration engineering;
5. Can skillfully use computer office software, can use CAD, Guanglianda and other software;
6. Strong communication skills and sense of responsibility, hardworking, serious and meticulous work.
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