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深圳市金大田裝飾工程有限公司(以下簡稱金大田)成立于2013年12月6日,現有資質:建筑裝修裝飾工程專業承包貳級、建筑裝飾工程設計專項乙級,是一 家“守合同、重質量”的誠信企業和深圳市“社會輿論監督試點單位”,下設廣州、上海、成都、長沙、廈門、南昌分公司。 公司自成立以來一直堅持“專業、品質、實力、領先”的經營思想,優質完成了一大批國內知名企業的工程、培養了一大批國內優秀的裝飾專業人才,很好的增加了 社會就業。公司現有工程技術和經濟管理人員200多人,高、中、初職稱人員110人,年均就業約2000人。設有工程部、物資部、合約部、經營部、財務部 和人事部六大職能部門。

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Shenzhen Kingdatian Decoration Engineering Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "the pilot unit of public opinion supervision" was established on September 30, 2000. The existing qualifications are as follows: first-class contracting for architectural decoration and decoration engineering, second-class contracting for mechanical and electrical engineering, and second-class designing for architectural decoration engineering. It is a good faith enterprise of "abiding by contracts, emphasizing quality" and Shenzhen "pilot unit of public opinion supervision". It consists of Guangzhou, Shanghai, Chengdu and Shenzhen. Changsha, Xiamen and Nanchang Branches.

Since its inception, the company has adhered to the business philosophy of "professionalism, quality, strength, leading", completed a large number of projects of well-known domestic enterprises with high quality, trained a large number of excellent decoration professionals in China, and greatly increased social employment. The company has more than 200 engineering and economic management personnel, 110 senior, middle and junior titles, with an average annual employment of about 2000 people. It has six functional departments: Engineering Department, Material Department, Contract Department, Operating Department, Finance Department and Personnel Department.

According to the characteristics of the decoration industry and many years of experience in decoration engineering, the company first proposed the current "pre-quantified management model" at the end of 2007, which constantly stimulates and improves the professional level of team construction management, controls the whole process and all aspects of the project, and continuously improves the quality and management efficiency of the project. The plan is ahead of schedule and effective.

The main construction units that have undertaken the project are: Zhonghai Real Estate, Vanke Real Estate, Poly Real Estate, Biguiyuan Group, Rongchuang Real Estate, Meiji Real Estate, Merchants Real Estate, Lemon Shuixie Real Estate, CAAC Real Estate, Longhu Real Estate, Austrian Garden Real Estate, Lujin Real Estate, Fannian Group, Shenguo Real Estate, Shenzhen Commercial Real Estate and Shencheng Investment. Real Estate, Taifuhua Real Estate, Fangzhi Real Estate, Changhong Real Estate, Zhonghui Real Estate, Zhongyuan Real Estate, Longguang Real Estate, Langji Real Estate, Ocean Real Estate, Wanxia Real Estate, Gangli Real Estate, Hezheng Real Estate, Pengcheng Real Estate, West Real Estate, Taihua Real Estate, Jinrong Tai Real Estate, Xinlan Real Estate, East Base Real Estate, Oufu Industrial Eastern) Industry, laterite property, Dixintong, Xinyue Real Estate, Dongjian billion Group, Jiaoxin Industry, ZTE, Guoyuan Securities, Wanlian Securities, Huatai, Bond Education and Borth Education.

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