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深圳市金大田裝飾工程有限公司(以下簡稱金大田)成立于2013年12月6日,現有資質:建筑裝修裝飾工程專業承包貳級、建筑裝飾工程設計專項乙級,是一 家“守合同、重質量”的誠信企業和深圳市“社會輿論監督試點單位”,下設廣州、上海、成都、長沙、廈門、南昌分公司。 公司自成立以來一直堅持“專業、品質、實力、領先”的經營思想,優質完成了一大批國內知名企業的工程、培養了一大批國內優秀的裝飾專業人才,很好的增加了 社會就業。公司現有工程技術和經濟管理人員200多人,高、中、初職稱人員110人,年均就業約2000人。設有工程部、物資部、合約部、經營部、財務部 和人事部六大職能部門。


Business philosophy:

1. Treat people honestly and win-win cooperation;

2. Dare to be responsible, constantly surpass, team management, strength to win.

Brand recognition:

Continuous innovation and surpassing, maintain the leading professional level;

Pay attention to brand and persistence, abide by industry standards;

Love and focus on your career;

Build a trustworthy and expectant brand.

Enterprise mission:

We are committed to building a life harbor where every employee can play his or her strengths and realize his or her life value.

Adhere to building a platform for employees, enterprises and society to be mutually integrated and sustainable development;

Be a responsible and contributive enterprise to the society.

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